Welcome to Module 3 of the Freedom Society!

You’ve been powerfully shifting into the mindset of a successful woman with your own freedom-based business. You’re using your wealth consciousness practices, meditation, visualizations and mantras to hold the vision in your mind of what you desire to create in your physical reality as well.

And now it’s time to create our own offerings and packages so that you can start to share your unique gifts and expertise with the world AND receive the compensation that you deserve. 

So click on the link below (be sure you have the most up to date version of Adobe and download the document in order to save your work) and get started!

Pricing and Packages

  • Creating Your Packages and Offerings

  • The Easiest Way to Know What to Offer

  • Branding to Make Competition Irrelevant

  • Creating Your Signature Offer

  • What to Charge and Why