Welcome to Module 5 of the Freedom Society!

One of the areas that I’m asked for support on the most is doing sales calls and being able to offer your services to potential clients while still feeling authentic and in integrity.

I know this area can feel a little stressful as it brings up so many of our fears of looking pushy, salesy and having to really be in a solid place with our own money story so that we can support others in moving through theirs as well.

Sales conversations are one of the most important parts of running a successful business, but it doesn’t matter how confident you are with sales conversations if you haven’t taken the time to get really clear on what you have to offer, where your ideal clients are looking for support and you have begun to clean up your own money story. 

So click on the link below (be sure you have the most up to date version of Adobe and download the document in order to save your work) and get started!

Master Sales Calls

  • Your Ideal Client Requirement Checklist

  • Sales Call Structure – The ‘Lean Back’ Formula

  • How to Overcome Objections with Integrity

  • How Many Sales Calls to Book to Hit Your Income Goals