Welcome to Module 8 of the Freedom Society!

Up to this point, you’ve worked through all the systems and structures that I used in order to create a multiple 6-figure coaching business. Now it’s your turn to bring everything together and create your own unique business system.

There may be many of these businesses out there, but the way you completely remove yourself from competition and attract your own ideal clients is to bring your own personal values, desires and personality into your business.

So during this module we’ll be exploring some of the other pieces that you can bring into your work style. Then you get to decide on the business model that resonates most for you. 

So click on the link below (be sure you have the most up to date version of Adobe and download the document in order to save your work) and get started!

Booked Up

  • Mastering Your Unique Business System

  • Private Coaching, Group Coaching and Passive Income

  • Designing Your Own Destination Intensives

  • Bringing It All Together for Consistent Income