Now is the time to clean up any loose ends or distractions in your life so that when we begin our work together you’ll be able to fully focus on your business and creating results.

This may mean cleaning up the piles of paper on your desk, going through your inbox and organizing/deleting those 3,000 emails, hiring a housekeeper to come even once a month so you’re not distracted by needing to pick up your home, organizing your closet or even implementing a morning routine so that you feel more grounded.

Please take some time to review the orientation materials found below:

  • Use the Welcome Packet as preparation work which will start to shift your life and create positive momentum immediately.
  • Add the dates and times of the Orientation Calls listed below to your calendar.
  • Look through the Recommended Reading List and if you aren’t already doing so, begin your wealth consciousness reading right away.

This vital material is here to help you start transforming your life and your business today. So dive in!


*Be sure to download the document and save to your hard drive. You will need the most up-to-date version of Adobe to fill-in and save your answers